PART ONE.

                                 Well you’ve gotten this far, good! On this page we study the neck,
                                 frets, notes and tuning. The guitar is not the easiest instrument to
                                 play, but because of the way it is designed, to my estimation, it
                                 certainly is one of the easiest to understand, as you will see the
                                 further you get into it.
                                Below is a diagram for your first study. On this you will learn how to
                                understand the first notes of each string and their relationship to the
                                staff, which we get to later on.
                                Now, I realize that some of you are starting to think to yourselves
                                "Man, I already know this stuff", but we have to be patient with
                                those who are not so gifted.
                                The neck of most electric guitars is comprised of 22 frets (one or two
                                less). The first 12 being your octave, i.e. E to E including sharps and
                                flats. Six strings, of course, with exceptions (i.e. 12 strings). Now,
                                your guitar can’t tune itself, so it is up to you to keep it tuned
                                properly. 1st string (top) is the lightest, then 2nd thru 6th, working
                               down to the bottom, which is the heaviest. This may seem odd at
                               first that the top edge of the neck is referred to the bottom and visa-
                               versa, but you will quickly grasp why.
                                       NOTE: There will be less wind and more action once we
                                                    get out of the turnip patch.
                               TUNING: 1st E freq cps 660; 2nd B freq cps 495; 3rd G freq
                                                 cps 396; 4th D freq cps 594; 5th A freq cps 440; 6th
                                                 E freq cps 330 (In simpler terms: E,B,G,D,A,E)